Certified deed

Deed which is drafted, prepared, verified and conserved by the notary, the Certified Deed provides full legal security.



As regards family law (marital contract, PACS,change in marital regime, adoption, divorce, donations, divisions, successions, etc.), the expertise of the notarial office is indispensable, covering multiple areas of activity.

Some examples :

  • ENDURING POWER OF ATTORNEY -to protect your future (this mandate can freely appoint a trustworthy person to represent the client when they are not able to solely manage - for health reasons - their private and property interests); this mandate will prevent an onerous protective measure such as guardianship being implemented.

  • GIFT BY HAND, with considerable consequences, drafted with care, will ensure family peace.

  • ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF DEBT in presence of a notary, will provide the lender with greater security.

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