Certified deed

Certified deed and international

In international law (transaction by non-residents in French territory, international succession, etc.), anticipation is key.

  • For example, to prevent any uncertainty in the future, a French-Australian couple will be advised to choose the best adapted marital regime.

  • An Italian or English family will be informed of the financial consequences of a succession in France and the means to mitigate them, and this, upon purchase of a property asset.

  • In addition, in the event of transfer of control of a company to foreign investors, our expertise will provide the operation with specific guarantees.

In all cases, aside from security and guarantees ensured through the Certified Deed, our advice and expertise are essential.

Moreover, since August 2015, date of application of the latest related European directive, the notary is the French authority appointed to deliver the European Certificate of Succession, recognised in all EU countries. We advise our European clientele in the choice of the appropriate law of succession.

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