Real estate expertise

Strongly advised by all sales or patrimonial transactions, our expertise is based on a unique knowledge of Chamonix Valley, as well as numerous recent or old archives.

The comparative method is used, the only one approved by tax authorities.

The current value of an asset may be determined in several ways. Moreover, the law does not prescribe a specific method.
However, jurisprudence and the administrative approach consider that the current value of the buildings (built or not), businesses and assimilated properties must, excluding special cases, be determined by comparison with a sufficient quantity of similar property sales, other assessment methods (notably by income or readjustment of an earlier value) may be used for crosschecking purposes.
Only a rigorous analysis of market prices, by a recognised expert, can remove extreme values from an apparently discordant market. Assessment method by comparison proceeds directly with the application of these principles. It is based on actual market data to extract the current property value.

As a duly qualified expert (NOTEXPERT and TEGoVA), applying recognised norms, at national and international level, Thierry BRAND ensures the transparency and security of real estate assessments, in compliance with the highest European standards.

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